Summer 2024 Programme

Will summer bring sunshine this year? Well, if not, we will just have to work the light on the inside, which is the most transformative method anyway.

Jim Cogley will be inspiring us through his integrative Wood You Believe approach, where ‘you’ represents the human reality, ‘believe’ refers to the spiritual journey, and both are combined through the medium of wood. You can learn more about symbols in Fr Jim’s carvings by reading about his Journey With Wood. And check out his beautiful creations in the Gallery of Wood Symbols.

Another event this quarter is organised by PATHS Omagh, be aware that you need to contact Jimmy Carrigan if you want to participate. Keynote speaker Brendan Harding will fill the morning programme, while the afternoon is designated for you to try out complementary therapies. Physical and mental well-being are inseperable; if one suffers, the other is there to help.

There is a slight delay in publishing our summer brochure, luckily you can download the digital version here. Hard copies should be available from the 24th April onward.

Wishing you health, peace of mind and happiness from all of us at the Tara Centre.