Support Groups

The ethos of the Centre and its ambiance provide a safe nurturing space for groups. It is the Centre’s policy to continue to have this service available, particularly for groups whose members may be experiencing an especially vulnerable period in their lives.

The groups who avail of the facility on a regular basis are PATHS and Omagh Men’s Group.

Choose to survive. Feel the feelings. Stay connected. Slowly get your life back. Be the new you. Share your experiences.

Linda Flatt


Paths is an inter-denominational voluntary group formed to support families and individuals bereaved by suicide. Members of the group form a bond of friendship arising from their shared experience of having suffered similar shock, confusion and loss in their lives. It is within this safe and confidential environment that PATHS’ members share their pain and grief.

PATHS meetings are being held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month 8.00pm – 9.30pm

For further information, contact Jimmy on 07879 414385.

Omagh Men’s Support Group

This group offers men a safe and secure space where they can talk about their emotions, find help in managing the stress in their lives and explore possible ways of addressing life’s challenges. Issues raised include relationships, raising children, work, feelings of failure and ambition, loss and money concerns.

Meetings are on Monday nights, 7.30 – 9.30pm.

For further information, contact Gerry on 077 9947 2968




While management genuinely appreciates the value of the services offered at the Tara Centre by both PATHS and The Omagh Men’s Support Group, we wish to point out that both groups are self-governed and as such function entirely independently of the Tara Centre governance system. Accordingly, the Centre carries no responsibility for any aspect of the life and activities of these groups.

This disclaimer also extends to all other persons or groups who use the Centre on an independent basis from time to time.

Groups are responsible for ensuring Tara Centre Protocols are adhered to.