Programmes and Workshops

The holistic philosophy which informs the Tara Centre’s vision encourages intellectual inquiry and shapes a wide range of healing and life-enhancing initiatives.

The Educational Seminars and Workshops offered at Tara provide participants with the opportunity to explore the meaning of life, to grow in understanding of the human psyche
and its potential, to learn and appreciate the culture and history of this country and these islands towards building a reconciled society, to experience stillness and peace through meditation and mindful living, and to grow in awareness of the interconnectedness of the whole of life.

Seminars and Workshops at Tara Centre

The following are some of the programmes which have been on offer at the Centre (please see Upcoming Events for current programmes on offer):

  • The Green Platform – Declan Coyle
    A method designed and developed to bring about transformation for individuals, families and business;
  • Transgenerational Healing: Personal & Ancestral – Jim Cogley
    “What one generation tries to forget another is forced to remember.”
  • Healing the Family Tree – Jim Cogley
    An exploration of where we come from and the integration of our family shadow towards healing, health and wholeness.
  • Pathways from a Troubled Past – Eamon Phoenix
    Can we shape a Better, More Reconciled Society from our Difficult Past?
  • >Anglo-Irish Drama & Literature Workshop
    A celebration of our rich, shared cultural heritage, incorporating drama, music and song, powerful instruments for addressing the issues of peace and reconciliation;
  • Guided Tours of Historical Places – Eamon Phoenix
    Towards a Deeper Understanding of Our Shared History;
  • “All Illness Begins in the Gut” – Dr. Aileen O’Kane
    The Connection Between Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing;
  • Transforming Stress & Anxiety into Vitality – Michael O’ Doherty
    An Experiential Workshop on Techniques for Healing through the Use of the Body’s Energy/Bio-Energy;
  • An Introduction to Ayurveda – Dr. Aileen O’Kane
    A Holistic Approach to Health & Wellbeing;
  • Understanding Grief: Loss and Recovery – Jim Cogley
    An exploration of loss in its many facets and how it is an invitation to grow towards wholeness;
  • Emotional Freedom Technique – Bridin Mc Kenna
    An empowering tool that can, over time, help shift long established patterns, beliefs and pain;
  • Extending the Boundaries of Therapy – Jim Cogley
    Professional development workshop for counsellors/psychotherapists;
  • The Enneagram – Declan Coyle
    The Enneagram is a personality framework that can help one understand other people and why they h behave in certain ways;
  • Christmas Meditation – Maura Twohig & Mary Daly