Autumn/Winter 2023 Programme

The late poet, philosopher, spiritual guide, author, and friend of the Centre, John O’ Donohue, put on record the following statement about Tara:

“The dream of peace is realised through the awakening, healing and integration of all the dimensions of the human heart. The Tara Centre is at the frontier of this exciting transformation.”

No better words to express the exact point the Centre is at: in the middle of an exciting transformation. While a Strategic Plan is being developed activities are slowing down a little – let’s say to set the compass for the coming year. We continue to faithfully offer Tara Centre gems: The Soul of Healing and the Christmas Meditation with Mary and Maura along with Tara classics offering yoga, meditation, and our faithful support groups.

In September, we are excited to introduce a new seminarist: Bronagh Starrs, Founder & Director of Blackfort Adolescent Gestalt Institute and Programme Director for the MSc Adolescent Psychotherapy in Dublin Counselling & Therapy Centre, validated by University of Northampton, UK. Her programme is aimed at parents and carers and is an interactive workshop offering a trove of helpful strategies when Parenting Adolescents.

Please contact reception on 028 8225 0024 if you would like to book a place on any of these workshops, and keep checking this site for any updates regarding upcoming events outside the programme. Soon, we will be publishing a piece on our Silver Jubilee Event and more! In the meantime, we wish you the best of health, peace of mind and happiness.