Spring 2024 Programme

With this publication of the Spring Programme 2024 we launch into the new year with a strong focus on physical and – ultimately – mental well-being with workshops by Aileen O’Kane and Michael O’Doherty, stressing the importance of being in control of our own health. We rely so heavily on ‘instant gratficiation’ when it comes to healing using that quick patch, a pain killer, or anything to ‘make it go away’. Our mission here at Tara is to find tools to help us RE-CONNECT with ourselves, with nature, with the people around us, with the spiritual, the universal. It is the more laboursome of the two paths; one patches up, the other requires insight, patience, resilience to name just a few qualities. Ultimately, the physical cannot be separated from our mental health and vice versa, and both our speakers, each in their own way, will give us tools that help us become the masters of our own well-being.

Our you can download our programme brochure here, and if you are eager to hold a hard copy in your hands you can do so by passing by the Tara Centre any next week (from Monday 15th).

Please contact reception on 028 8225 0024 if you would like to book a place on any of these workshops, and keep checking this site for any updates regarding upcoming events outside the programme.

Lastly, our green front door is always open for you, although it might look closed. This is because we are in the process of recruiting a new receptionist, and until the post is filled again we ask you to please ring the bell. This said, on the mornings of meditation (Tuesdays) and yoga (Wednesdays) our Coordinator of Operational Services, Victoria, will have the door open and be at reception for you.

Wishing you health, peace of mind and happiness from all of us at the Tara Centre.